What Are the Top 3 E-commerce Platform Trends In 2018?

What Are the Top 3 E-commerce Platform Trends In 2018?

Change is inevitable and perpetual. Each year, new business innovations come to the market. New technologies that change how things are done are introduced in various sectors. As these changes take place, e-commerce platforms are not exceptional. New ideas and features pop up now and then. The elements transform the e-commerce field permanently.

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Notably, if you are a webpreneur, you must be on par with the e-commerce trends to remain competitive. While some trends might be passing clouds, ignoring them can cripple your business or be the mark of its downfall. Also, being on trend gives you an upper hand in competition. With that said, here are the top three trends that will rule e-commerce platforms in 2018:

a)   Live chat and chatbots

As the desire for real-time response and customer interaction takes shape in the e-commerce field, a desire for live chats and chatbots is becoming part of the business. Customers are seeking more information to help them make informed purchase decisions. With this in mind, any successful e-commerce business will rely on its ability to enhance its interaction with customers through live chats.

However, hiring customer service staffs is becoming a big deal. For this reason, chatbots are becoming an essential component in online business. As such, the 2018 e-commerce platform competitivity will rely on its ability to enable an entrepreneur to integrate their live chats with a chatbot. This means that chatbot integration will be a new feature in these platforms.

b)   Offline and online integration

Unlike early days, multichannel e-commerce is the new trend in online business. Transforming customer contact point into selling points is the new gem for any business seeking to become competitive. However, your e-commerce website is the central point for managing other selling points. In this regard, your e-commerce platform must offer features that allow you to integrate your store with both offline and online selling points.

c)    Simplicity and user friendliness

Though it is not a new trend, simplicity and user experience will continue to shape the e-commerce business. The experience your target shoppers get from your website will promise you a return sale or not. As you may be aware, your e-commerce platform has a role in establishing an online store that is user-friendly and simple to process orders. Hence, you must check whether your platform is offering these elements.

In a word, as you plan to join the e-commerce world in 2018, ensure your platform of choice has the above features.

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